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Ep. 07: Surviving Summer - Simple Summer Tips

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Hi, welcome to this week's episode of mom life weight loss. This week's episode is all about surviving summer. I'm going to take you through my top simple tips to get through the summer, they'll have you feeling confident and on track has we enjoyed some of the greatest runner of the year. Make sure you stick around until the end because I'll be sharing that typically episode. It's all about starting your day off on the right foot. Alright, let's get started. So I'm just gonna run through my top seven tips for managing summer and staying on track with your goals and giving you the confidence to go out there and enjoy summer, and be on track and know what you're doing. I'll see my last tip of the episode is my actionable strategies so make sure you stick around, because that's an actual thing that you can go out and start doing as soon as you're done listening to the episode. Okay so tip number one is hydration, summer is hot, humid. It is especially important in summer to remain hydrated. As I mentioned before, so I'm constantly dehydrated, not only important for our body. We can also help us prevent our brain, our brains tell us that we're hungry and it will take away that hunger view, or make sure that you're always assessing. Is it a time for you to eat, When did you last, and maybe drinking. First, before you go ahead, something to make sure that it's true hunger, not just dehydration. Water is the best choice, it's free calories, it's free from the top. I don't like water so here's some other options are SodaStream any of the bubbly waters that you can buy at the grocery store and cans, that have the natural flavour, no calories are good choices, other ways that you can kind of jazz up water is to freeze fruit and add it to your water, and then to cucumber. You can even freeze berries into ice cubes. Add those to your water, or freeze, lemon and lime juice into an ice cube tray and then pop those into your water as your ice cubes, and then they'll add a little bit of flavour as they melted within the school, make sure that you are not drinking your calories so it's important to avoid juices, on a nice and regular pop back at episode five, I talked about calories and calories and how they're really just not worth it in your day, so it's best to just skip getting your calories through these often popular summer items. Tip number two is to load up fresh fruits and vegetables, is a great time of year for fresh produce and Ontario. I'm sure anywhere you live. Make sure that you are stocking up on all your local favourites are cheaper, more available fresh summer. Look for back in episode six we make sure that your half of your plate is vegetables, and it's a great way if you're not a vegetable lover to try new and fresh vegetables and see what you might like and you know make it a whole family affair. Take the kids shopping take them to the farmers market take them fruit picking and get everyone involved in trying fruits and vegetables in different ways. A couple of quick tips within this would be salads are a big one in the summertime, just make sure you watch a kind of dressing your choosing, and how much you're putting on fresh vegetables and Dipper favourite in our household. You just need to make sure that you choosing the depth, I've got a little bit of protein. So go for hummus with the tiki or any of the Greek yoghurt baits, and there's some vegetarian vegan dips that are not based so cashew based or pine nuts, etc. Those are all great options. And just as a final reminder for this category. Vegetables are important for filling up that plate is appealing to your eyes and your brain to have a nice full plate that's filling, giving you fibre, but not adding lots of calories to your meal. Tip number three is summer meets barbecue season right so barbecuing, doesn't have to be ribs burgers hotdogs all those higher calorie higher fat, try to go for dinner choices like chicken, and turkey, fish, author, trade off skewers. If you are a burger family, great ways to kind of make this a healthier choice would be to go for turkey burgers, or even scratch that protein, like, You can.

You can either choose another way to kind of manage barbecue season. Get creative and what you guys are barbecuing, try vegetables grow some fruit, pineapple peaches, pears, etc, lots of different options to do tip number two more fresh fruits and vegetables, and manage. Tip number three barbecue season, they can get put together, and you really fill up your plate with lots of free barbecued options that maybe you haven't tried before. Okay tip number four, alcohol, No, it goes with barbecuing. So, not realistic for people to enjoy alcohol. So rather than not drinking. All or nothing scenario, definitely. So, Here is where you want to lower calorie alcoholic options, lower calorie low calorie coolers and coffee smells cocktails that have liquor that have regular pop, try to go for things like diet soda diet pop. I can talk about it later if questions for me about non nutritive sweeteners, we can talk about it. Not in this episode but you can always message me and ask too many. Often you. There's nothing wrong with having a diet pop with alcohol to lower your calorie, your calorie intake from having that drink to other things would be to drink a glass of water in between each alcoholic drink that you have and can slow you down, and choosing how many drinks, you're going to have to start drinking, is really a good strategy to, rather than trying to stop yourself once you've already started. Tip number five, kick up those steps, extra daylight hours are so great in the summertime because it allows us to take

a walk. Take a break at lunch and go for a walk around the block. Walking is so great form of activity and fun activities, like paddleboarding, all those different summer activities are another great way to make sure that you're going out and being active, more than you typically would be on a day where you might be just sitting in front of your desk working all day. Whatever your baseline is try and increase it by 10 to 20%, it can make a significant difference. Okay.

Okay, tip number six, snacks, oh snacks or life. I love snacks, I'm going to do a whole episode. In this episode, I find that a little bit more with you.

So it's important that you are packing snacks for everything go to the beach to the party or going to the car, great options are as you mentioned it, cut up vegetables and three protein bars, all of our other great options don't know which ones to choose. I have a really helpful cheat sheet that I created to help you go to the grocery store as a good choice when you're picking up a bar. I will include a link in my show notes.

To see what my things are great and also make sure

that you show notes which you will find us wherever we slash podcast episodes.

The most important thing is making sure that you always include a protein choice so that's not butter, cheese yoghurt, it's important that you've got that so you can feel for longer.

Tip number seven, road trips. Okay, so I think everyone's going to be driving a little bit more this year, rather than mine, so it's important that you have car friendly abrigo to avoid cars will have three parents, trail mix, ours, vegetables and fruits, anything that's non perishable are great options for cars.

And obviously, tractors are not for kiddos just make sure that they're also getting a

letter or you know, you want to pack your cooler like a little leaf shell to go along with whatever carbohydrates you're having so that it's not cold for a very short amount of time.

Again, an hour later, Obviously, along with road trips we've always got those on routes or fast food stuff that go along with road trips, and I don't know what to get at those stops. So a couple of tips for needs would be making sure that you don't take your calories, watch out for coffee, etc.

Really high calories so a couple of quick ways to make an iced coffee healthier would be having tea with milk rather than cream, have it made half sweet, rather than full, instead of having the syrup added to it, have no syrup or to put like a Splenda or sweetener instead. Whatever you think is gonna still taste great for you, but reduce your calorie, your calorie I don't know why I can't say that word today, your calorie intake from that iced coffee. Practice options are really great option, at most fast food places and now most fast food locations actually sell from this all day, so it can be a good choice, you know, getting an English muffin egg and cheese breakfast sandwich can be a good protein rich lower calorie option when you can get a side salad, make sure if the dressing goes on the side, rats can be another great option. Make sure you're looking for a grilled chicken rather than something that's fried and breaded and when in doubt, you really don't know what to get, or there's none of the things that I just mentioned on the menu and the place that you are at, do your best to pick something with protein, and enjoy it, know that this is not your every day, you're a real person, you're living in your real life, one meal is not going to derail you, you have numerous opportunities in the rest of the day for the week to continue on making choices that along with your goals. Okay, so that brings me to my tip of the episode. This week's tip is all about starting your day off on the right foot. So,

here I am, your old mindset.

Impressive. To save your calories for

the day. I want your new mindset to be.

This is going to help you make the decision.

As I mentioned in protein, fibre gives you blood sugar.

Good choices, as you go throughout your busy day. And research shows that practice eaters actually tend to lose more weight than people who do not.

People who eat more calories. Earlier in the day, typically before 11am also tend to lose more weight than people, calories. Later in the day, the actionable tip that I want you guys to go out and do is to pick up protein, and then pick something with fibre and add in a little fruit or vegetables. So a couple of ways to do this would be, pick a protein. Okay, so I'm going to have greek yoghurt. and then I'm going to pick my fibre, and I'm going to put a little bit of bass.

And then I'm going to top it with some berries, so I've got my protein which is my yoghurt, my fibre which is my whole green canola, and I've got my berries which is my fruit, and we'll have a very basic protein and fibre rich breakfast. I'll do one more for you guys so you can kind of see another example with protein less fibre, less fruit or vegetables. So another good one would be okay I'm going to make my protein, I'm going to have some eggs, and I'm going to make omelette, So I'm gonna throw in some vegetables in there that like some mushrooms some spinach into my omelette, maybe I'm gonna make a little bit of milk so even more protein, and then I'm pleased to have a small piece of toast with a little bit of peanut butter on top on the side. Think about what you're eating for breakfast right now and see if it has all three of those categories. Does it have a protein. Does it have something that's giving you some fibre and doesn't have some fruit or vegetable. If it does not, then you sort of have a favourite breakfast because not sure if it's balanced, please message me and I will be more than happy to help you make it more balanced. You can start your day off on your right foot, and go out and tackle that hot. Great Summer world that we've got waiting for us. I'll give some links to some yummy breakfast options in my show notes so you guys have a few more examples that you can look through and see if there's anything that you'd like.

You can find those at wherever slash podcast, and then go to episode seven, and I'll link a couple of my favourite breakfast options for you as there, please message me if you've already got a breakfast that is your go to, and I'm happy to go over it with you and make sure that it's balanced and starting you off on your right.

Today, I went through my top seven simple tips for surviving summer. Unfortunately, this does not help you survive toddler meltdowns and dropped ice, but it can help you not be great in those moments. My top tips again are hydration, fresh fruits, vegetables, barbecue season hacks. Alcohol strategies and kicking up your steps, snacks and roadtrip tips. Lastly, my tip this week is to start your day off on the right. And that always includes a protein packed breakfast. Next week, I'll be talking all about how to manage social events. You know, we're out of lockdown, we can go and be social, now what do we do, make sure you stay tuned for all my strategies on how not to be a hermit and stay on track.

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