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HOW-TO: Save Time Planning Meals

Are you ready to simplify planning meals, lessen the decision fatigue of dinner time and build balanced meals for you and your family?

WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 7th, 2022 @ 8:00 PM est

At the Grocery Shop
Have you ever thought: One of the hardest parts of trying to lose weight is finding time to plan balanced meals?

You and everyone else in the daily grind of making meals...  

Simplifying mealtime benefits you and all those around you!

You can do itBut you need tools and strategies. And in order to get support, you need to essentially ask for help...and there's nothing wrong with that! 

I am ready to help. I've dropped every tool, tip, and trick into this webinar so you can plan meals that are balanced even on the most chaotic of days. 

Feel like the mental load of planning meals is a barrier to losing weight? Ready to do it in a simpler way?

Hands down time to plan meals is a top challenge for busy moms who are trying to lose weight.

[I have created this webinar jammed with simple methods and loads of resources so you can simplify this task and hit your weight loss goals.]

You've tried meal prepping but gave up (so time consuming!), you've signed up for meal kits but saw they didn't actually save time, and take-out is digging a hole in your grocery budget. Want to plan balanced meals without spending hours shopping, prepping and cooking?

You need to focus on what you can manage, instead of what you think you need to do

You can do it. 

I'm ready to show you how in my simple, manageable, best dietitian-mom-friend way ;) 

You, me and others who join us. All my best knowledge, resources and handouts galore, bonuses and time to answer your burning questions!

Let's do it together! Are you in?

HOW-TO: Save Time Planning Meals

A webinar to help you save time and make meal planning simpler.

WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 7th, 2022 @ 8:00 PM est

Basics of building balanced meals

How-to steps for meal planning

How-to actually do it in your unique situation, including plans for days that don't go to plan

Templates for food categories & grocery lists

Template to create personalized meals


Extras: bonuses, simple swap handouts, picky eater tips and more!

Get ready to plan balanced meals with ease on chaotic days!

Woman Preparing Food

Sign up & you get all of this:

  • Creating a plan you can manage, step-by-step to get it done

  • Strategies for days that don't go to "plan"

  • Loads of resources to make it simpler

  • Time to ask ALL of your questions


Take it from Laura's client Chantel:

"She's been incredible helping me (and my fam) navigate healthier choices...Every tweak I've made with her actually lasts and isn't a struggle..."

Hey I'm Laura!


I'm a registered dietitian and I've been helping clients permanently lose weight for over 6 years now. I'm also a mom of two littles (and two fur babies). 

I'm totally honest about the work it takes to lose weight and I'm also passionate about showing moms how they can do it. Showing you how you can create the best and most confident version of yourself with simple habits is what I absolutely love to do. 

I hate meal prepping, love a glass of wine, am addicted to reality tv and am an introverted-extrovert! 

If now isn't the right time for you to learn from this webinar,  hope that you take away at least one helpful thing from my free time saving guide (grab it here if you haven't already! Guide.)

I'm here to support you. 

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