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You don't have to sacrifice your time and favourite foods to lose weight

Are you a busy mom who feels like she is last on her to-do list? If you are ready to lose weight for good, not yourself, then this program is for you!

Have you ever felt like...

You never have enough time. You are always taking care of everything and everyone except yourself.

You get started, are motivated and being consistent; but then you lose focus, and end up giving up.

There is so much information out there, it's overwhelming and you get lost in figuring out what would work best for you.

You just don't feel confident in your clothes, in your body and what you are doing with your health and nutrition choices.

Lose weight permanently and end the yo-yo of trying new diets

Feel confident in yourself and food choices. Be in control of your health and wellness without losing yourself and your life in the process. 

Enjoy all foods without guilt, punishment or restriction. Cook your favourite meals, go to brunch, parties and hang out with friends. Simply live, find your balance and lose the weight for good.



A program for moms to gain confidence, attain knowledge & create a lifestyle (no more dieting!). End the frustration of losing weight only to regain it. Stop waiting, start living your best life NOW.

Why this program is right for you


1:1 private coaching sessions provide you with the personalisation you need for your unique situation. Practical steps for your real life.


One of the most important pieces missing from other programs. Identify your traps that take away your focus. Learn how to create a simple plan to successfully navigate them.


Direct support from Laura. Plus the group provides support, accountability and community. Don't do it alone anymore.

What's included

A simple framework to follow so you can lose weight and keep it off.

14 weeks

Monthly 1:1 private coaching sessions to customise your goals and weight loss plan

Weekly live teachings and office hours

Weekly accountability check-ins. Goal setting worksheets and daily virtual support

Online group support and community

Tons of resources. Snacks, recipes, meal plan examples, mindful eating, portion sizes and more.

Lose the weight, not yourself


See what previous clients are saying...

"It works! Laura has been awesome in my sustainable weight journey." 

- Catherine D.

Join now and you get all of this

  • Monthly personalized coaching sessions

  • Weekly teaching & office hours

  • Daily virtual support

  • Loads of resources for recipes, snacks & more!


*This is the FOUNDERS program price.

The price will never be this low again!




Save $100! Enrol by Friday June 3rd to receive $100 off the price of the program.

On a Video Call

EXTRA 1:1 Session

The first 5 registrants to join will receive an extra 30-minute 1:1 coaching session.

Value of $115

Online work meeting


There are only 10 spots available. 

Registration closes Wednesday June 8th. 

This program offers a simple framework for a busy mom like you, so you can actually get this done.

Join a community of support, motivation and connection.

The Simple Nutrition for Moms Framework

Build your foundation.

Build in overall vision with steps to success & goal setting. Learn core nutrition concepts.

Common Challenges

Manage common situations that are hard; such as mindfulness, stress, & lifestyle.

Become Nutrition Savvy

Build a bank of strategies for meals, meal planning, recipes, snacks & more.

Traps and Escape Plans

Identify your "traps" that take you off track or make you lose focus. Create plans to escape them.

A bit about Laura


Laura Vermander

Laura is a dietitian and mom. When she became a mom, she felt like she became a whole new version of herself. Laura gets it; life with kids, work, activities, a partner, and more can feel chaotic at times! It can often feel like you are last in line after taking care of everyone else.


Laura has helped clients lose weight for over 6 years now; her motto is “whatever you do to take the weight off is what you have to do to keep the weight off". With Laura’s dedicated coaching and support, she is focused on helping moms lose weight not themselves. You are in the hands of a fellow mom who truly knows busy mom life and will help you lose weight for good.

  • What is the benefit of the group program versus your 1:1 coaching program?
    People who work towards a common goal in a group and are motivated together, are more successful. Having the community of other moms just like you means you can connect with people who get it. It also provides you with a solid support system, accountability and extra connection.
  • Is this program covered by insurance?
    Yes! If you live in Ontario and have private health insurance you will be provided with invoices to submit to your provider. Please check with your individual provider if you reside outside of Ontario.
  • Will I for sure lose weight on this program?
    There is no amount lost guarantee with the Simple Nutrition for Moms program. Everyone's individual goals are different. Laura has successfully helped dozens of clients lose weight; however, it is up to you to do the work.
  • Do I have to pay for the program in full or is there an option of instalments?
    Currently there is only one payment option. If this is prohibitive to you joining the program; please reach out directly to Laura and you can discuss a payment option that might work better for you.
  • Will you give me a meal plan to follow?
    You will be provided with many resources for recipes, snacks and meal plan examples. Laura does not provide individualised meal plans.

Join now and you get all of this

  • Monthly personalized coaching sessions

  • Weekly teaching & office hours

  • Daily virtual support

  • Loads of resources for recipes, snacks & more!


*This is the FOUNDERS program price.

The price will never be this low again!

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