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Have a healthier relationship with food while losing weight

You can do it with support.

Learn simple habits and mindset shifts to create a sustainable lifestyle.


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If you are like most of my clients you are:

  • A busy mom  at the bottom of her "to do" list (I mean what mom isn't busy?!)

  • Frustrated when you lose weight only to gain it back again

  • Tired of trying challenges, shakes, diets, or bootcamps that you can't sustain for the long term

  • Confused by nutrition - everyone & their aunt is an expert!

  • Fatigued mentally, physically and emotionally 

  • Feeling "stuck" 

  • Busy, did I mention busy? 

Did you say YES to any of these? 

That's where I come in. I am your coach.  I am your support, accountability, and sounding board.  I'll create clarity so you can make confident nutrition and health decisions.  I want you to be on your priority to-do list but without sacrificing your time and current life.  

I'm a mom myself, I run our household, I run this business, I'm a wife, a friend; everyone has a lot going on, I'm right there with you!


I've helped numerous clients achieve their goals that fit in with their life - not Susie's or Jen's from down the street - your life, your routine and your goals. 

Hi! I'm Laura Vermander

Registered dietitian

Nutritionist, Weight loss coach


I'm a dietitian and I love helping people to lose weight and gain confidence.  But first and foremost I'm a mom of two littles (and two fur babies) and all the craziness that comes along with that.  I'm a big city girl who moved to a small town so I could stay home to raise our kids while pursuing my passion.  Call me a 'mompreneur', 'solopreneur' or whatever; I'm just trying to be the best version of me - mom, wife, CEO, friend and my clients' coach. 

I created Simple Nutrition for Moms so that I can help other moms regain control over their nutrition choices, find clarity amongst all the nutrition 'noise' and finally feel confident in themselves. 

I get it, life is busy and you probably put yourself last - let me help you simplify your life and reach your goal weight for good.

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