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Ep. 01: Introducing Laura – “Dieting is the old way of losing weight”

It’s the first episode of the Mom Life Weight Loss Podcast –get to know me, and what I really think about weight loss. I’ll share how I came to have a passion for coaching moms to lose weight, keep it off and be their best selves. Plus, I’ll will talk about the different types of motivation.

At the end, I will take you through something she does with every single client when I first start working with them. Listen to the end so you don’t miss it!

Want to read instead of listen? Click here for a full transcript of the show.

Episode Highlights

  • [1:50] I became a dietitian because I love health, I love food and I love helping people

  • [3:00] My mentor is Jaclyn Pritchard, she is also a dietitian and she runs her own private practice in the weight loss space. (grab her info in the links provided below!)

  • [5:30] Everyone has an opinion about nutrition and weight loss! It's noisy and overwhelming. My motto and approach is to ditch diet culture, end the overwhelm of the weight loss industry. We do this by keeping it simple and sustainable.

  • [7:30] Talking about "weight loss" as moms; you can love yourself and want to lose weight.

  • [8:28] What are the basics when we are thinking about weight loss? We need to set up our mindset so we are successful!

    • Calories in vs. calories out

    • Vegetables!

    • Can you eat carbs and lose weight? (spoiler: you can!)

    • 80% diet and 20% exercise

    • The scale as a "measurement"

    • Re-defining your Ideal Body Weight

    • Getting rid of cheat days

  • [12:51] Motivation and why its important to identify what your motivators are. What is the difference between extrinsic motivators and intrinsic motivators?

  • [15:30] Tip of the Episode - what are your motivators? I walk you through a quick strategy to identify these.

Links mentioned in the episode:

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