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Ep. 02: Society & The Pressure to “Lose Weight”

Ahhh the pressure to lose weight. I’m going to dive into the different pressures on us to lose weight; such as society, the seasons, and even ourselves. This pressure can also play a role in our body image and mindset. I’ll detail some different frameworks that have become more popular such as HAES and Intuitive Eating. This will help you learn about all the different views on weight loss and health and choose the best path for yourself. I will also talk about how you can balance weight loss and a healthy eating environment for your kiddos.

Then, I’ll walk you through some tips that you can try to shift your mindset to better support your goals. Make sure you stick around until the end, for my tip this week - which will help you envision your best you!

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Episode Highlights

  • [1:36] The pressure from society is real, let's acknowledge it and that it can affect your journey.

  • [3:03] The changing seasons and the pressure to look a certain way in each season. Beach bodies, sweater weather, 'new year new you'...does it feel like you are on a hamster wheel?

  • [4:34] Are you your own worst critic? Often we are the hardest on ourselves! What did you grow up with? Your food environment and views on body image shaped who you are today.

  • [7:09] It's OKAY if you want to lose weight to get a "beach body" this summer. But it can't be the only reason you want to lose weight.

  • [7:43] Body image: the combination of this "pressure" and our environment and the current climate of not focusing so much on weight loss.

  • [9:05] Want to acknowledge that I chose to use "weight loss" in my business name, podcast name because that's what I'm talking about. I truly believe you can love yourself AND want to lose weight.

  • [10:00] HAES - Healthy at every body size; a weight neutral concept.

  • [11:20] Intuitive Eating - self-care framework which integrates instinct, emotion and rational thought. Developed by two dietitians; weight inclusive model.

  • [12:49] How we can create a body positive space for our children. You can make healthy choices, set goals to lose weight and create a healthy environment for your children. There is intuitive eating for children and also the division of responsibility of feeding (developed by Ellyn Satter).

  • [13:58] All of the perspectives are important because everyone needs something different!

  • [15:34] Weight loss mindset is typically negative and comes from a place of you being critical of yourself...negative mindset can lead you into failure.

  • [17:00] I detail a few ways you can shift your mindset to the positive to help set you up for longer term success!

    • Small goals

    • Positive environment

    • Re-think rewards & punishment

    • Be your own friend

    • Good food vs. bad food

    • Focus on the attainable

  • [21:20] My tip of the episode! This week I want you to envision your "best self" and "better life".

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