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Ep. 03: Are you really ready to change?

Do you hate change? Ever watched the movie Bridesmaids? There is a scene where Helen and Annie debate whether or not people can change…who’s side are you on?

This week I’m going to help lighten the intensity of the big C of Change. I’m going talk about a popular model for change called the Transtheoretical Model of Change. It is used a lot in the healthcare world and in psychology. I’ll simplify each different stage so you can relate to them and maybe even get a glimpse into where you are at right now.

Being able to identify whether you are really ready to change or what stage you are in, is super important to setting goals that meet you where you are at.

I’ve put together a quiz to help you figure it all out – so listen until the end!

Want to read instead of listen? Click here for a full transcript of the episode.

Episode Highlights

  • [1:59] do you think people can change? Or do you grow? The key ultimately is habits, not just drastic changes.

  • [2:53] The Transtheoretical Model of Change; this offers a theory of healthy behaviour adoption. There are five stages.

  • [3:38] There are 4 constructs: stages of change, processes of change, critical markers of change and finally the context of change.

  • [6:10] Precontemplation – “I don’t need to change!”.

  • [6:52] Contemplation – “I might change” – but you are procrastinating. You are STUCK.

  • [7:58] Preparation – “I will change, really!” You might have developed an action plan, like listening to the podcast (or reading these notes!).

  • [8:50]Action – “I have started to change”; you have some success, but see you have a long way to go.

  • [9:34]Maintenance – “I’ve changed”; your new behaviour is sustained for at least 6 months.

  • [11:46] Tip of the episode. What stage are you in? Take my quiz!

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