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Ep. 04: Seeing Success with SMART Goals

Everyone wants to be successful. Success feels good, doesn’t it? It’s important you set yourself up to be successful; since feeling like you’ve achieved something helps fill your motivation cup.

I’m going to help you become your best self and keep your motivation high by starting you off on the right foot.

This episode I’m going to walk you through your “why”. This is like your intrinsic motivators, we’ll revisit it quickly since its important for sustained motivation and not just relying on willpower. Then I’ll detail a 5-step framework that you need to think about before you get started.

Finally we’ll go through SMART goals (my fave), I’ll tell you what they are and why they are the only type of goal you should be setting.

Stick around to the end, because of course, I’ll have my tip of the episode for you. This week I’m going to take you step-by-step through setting your own goal - putting you on the path to success!

Episode Highlights

  • [1:54] Think about your “why” for wanting to make a change. Does your list contain one intrinsic motivator?

  • [3:15] Your ‘why’ is not static. You need to adjust as you achieve goals and re-visit motivation so that you can avoid relapse.

  • [4:12] Why even set goals? It can:

    • Help you focus how you spend your time

    • Prioritizes what matters

    • Concrete

    • Learn from goals

    • Increases commitment

  • [6:21] Focus on behaviours not outcomes.

  • [7:17] Super habits are what we are striving for! Do you put one shoe on before the other? You probably don’t even think about it. That’s a super habit.

  • [8:17] 5 step framework before setting SMART goals:

    1. Have a realistic idea of what your goals are

    2. Sensible timelines

    3. Measure progress consistently

    4. Include other health related goals (outside of weight loss)

    5. Factor in maintenance – what can you do long term?

  • [12:58] SMART Goals:

    • Specific à helps incorporate your behaviour

    • Measurable à criteria to measure progress

    • Attainable à small goals; ambitious not impossible

    • Realistic à live in your real life 😊

    • Time-bound à need a finish line that is foreseeable

  • [16:33] Tip of the episode! Let's walk through setting a SMART goal together!

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