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Ep. 06: Eat less and feel full

Are you feeling hungry just thinking about eating less? We don’t like hunger and we especially don’t like to be hangry either. (Nobody likes a hangry mama!) I swear this episode isn’t about how I am a crazy person 😊. If you feel scarred from diet culture essentially having you starve yourself all day to reach your goals then you are joined by thousands of other people who feel the same way!

I promise you can reach your weight loss (or health goals) without feeling hungry ALL the time. This week I’m talking about how you can do it using a concept I learned from two dietitians; Cassandra and Jaclyn (links below). It’s called Protein & Volumetrics, and if you think the title is boring, well the concept is fairly boring too! But stick with me! I promise you’ll want to listen. Boring is simple and simple works. It’s one of my mottos, right? I’ll go through the concept and show you how it can be applied to YOUR life.

My tip this episode is going to have you then apply Protein & Volumetrics to any meal or snack of your choosing; so listen until the end so you can put this into action right away!

Want to read instead of listen? *Click here for a full transcript of the episode.

Episode Highlights

  • [1:59] Basics of a calorie deficit. 3500 calories = 1 lb.

  • [2:53] Protein & Volumetrics – I learned this concept from two dietitians. Cassandra Reid & Jaclyn Pritchard. (grab their links/info below!)

  • [4:24] Balance of protein and volume will help you feeling full for longer, increase your energy and help you stop overeating at your next meal.

  • [4:41] Protein is for satisfaction, satiety, muscle and metabolism. It serves two main purposes: feel full longer and maintain muscle mass.

  • [8:45] Volumetrics: volume is essentially code for vegetables and fibre! A full plate of food is appealing to your eyes and brain; and also adds colour, nutrients and fibre. Fibre helps us feel full.

  • [11:17] Starchy carbohydrates, while they aren’t in the title they are important! The key here is portion size.

  • [12:32] Love visuals? I’ve got a handout for you for this whole concept and it’s got a great pie chart that shows how you should be building your plate. Grab it in the links list below.

  • [13:29] Real life examples: pasta with ground beef and tomato sauce or chicken and rice. How are you going to build these meals to match the protein and volumetrics concept?

  • [17:27] Is this a boring concept? Haha I don’t want to bore you, but honestly this concept is simple and easy. And boring and simple work.

  • [18:40] Tip of the episode! Put this method into action – pick one meal or snack that you could modify.

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