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Ep. 09: End mindless eating by being more mindful

Have you ever found yourself munching on a bag of chips in front of the TV and then the next thing you know, you’ve eaten the entire bag? Wupsie.

Let's be honest, pretty much everyone has at one point or does eat mindlessly. We're all human! But mindless eating as a habit can negatively impact you achieving your health and weight loss goals. Ending (or lessening) mindless eating can be super helpful in aiding you in achieving your goals.

Find out how you can become less mindless, while also becoming more mindful. They both take work but this episode is packed with things you can start doing right away.

Make sure you stick around until the end, this week we're re-designing your kitchen (for free!)!

Episode Highlights

  • [1:56] Defining mindless eating - any time your brain is distracted and you are unaware of what or how much you are eating. There are five main factors:

    • Disinhibition

    • Distracted

    • Lack of awareness

    • Emotional eating

    • External reasons

  • [3:00] Defining being mindful - increase one's awareness of your physical, cognitive and emotional state.

  • [3:43] Strategies to be LESS mindless:

    • Take a moment before you eat - am I hungry? What type of hunger is it?

    • Remove distractions

    • Location of meals

    • Slow down your eating

    • Smaller plates

    • Make foods inconvenient for you

  • [7:17] Strategies to be MORE mindful. Susan Albers is a great resource for this! (see link below). She's got three strategies for getting you started with mindful eating.

    • Step 1: Tuning into the physical characteristics of food

    • Step 2: Tuning into repetitive habits and the process of eating

    • Step 3: Tuning into mindless eating triggers

  • [11:00] Working with a coach or dietitian can help you identify your mindless eating habtis and create strategies together so you can work to become more mindful!

  • [11:11] Tip of the Episode! Redesigning your kitchen! Share your changes with me on instagram - @laurav.weightlosscoach

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