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Ep. 11: Why I really don't like meal plans

“I know what to do but I have a hard time following this on my own. Can you just give me a meal plan? I just need to know exactly when and what I should be eating!”

- Said by at least 95% of the clients I've worked with.

Ever said this? Or asked a nutrition professional for a meal plan? Downloaded one off the internet? Well, you aren’t alone. They are everywhere. And are always advertised as a way to get you to lose weight. #dietculture

Well.....I really don't like meals plans. And my answer to that above question that I get asked is, sorry I don't make meal plans. Now, before you roll your eyes and think I'm being difficult, go ahead and give this episode a listen! I promise I have YOUR best intentions at heart.

Episode Highlights

  • [2:22] The first reason I don't like meal plans is: It's not you, it's the process. This quick fix does not address any solutions for

  • [3:05] Reason #2 - they are too restrictive! Your darn life is getting in the way of this strict plan you are trying to follow.

  • [3:43] #3 - it's a short term fix. It doesn't teach you anything!

  • [4:47] 4th reason - can make healthy eating seem like punishment. Puts labels on foods, and I'm not about that.

  • [6:11] Final reason - they are impractical. It's "off the rack", not individualised to you.

  • [8:04] What should you actually do instead? You probably won't like my answer, because it can depend! What works for you, doesn't necessarily work for someone else.

  • [9:24] Tip of the episode: Ditch the meal plan.

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