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Ep. 25: The link between sleep & weight loss

Do you get enough sleep?

Sleep is one of the most undervalued factors in weight management. Losing weight isn’t just about diet and exercise. I believes it’s super important to address all behaviours that affect your weight, as this sets you up to be successful and keep weight off over the long term!

Listen in this week as I discuss how sleep can help you lose weight!

Episode Highlights

  • Diet & exercise are touted as the combo to help you lose weight, but behavioural factors about sleep are SO important too

  • You aren't alone if you aren't getting enough sleep, 35% of Americans report not getting enough sleep

  • The sleep and weight relationship is complicated, however research definitely shows that poor sleep can be linked to weight gain and better sleep results in helping you lose weight

  • Ways sleep can help you lose weight:

    • Avoid wt gain associated with short sleep

    • May help moderate your appetite

    • potential benefits for your metabolism

    • may help you make better food choices

    • sleeping early can prevent snacking

    • sleep can enhance physical activity

  • Bottom line: getting better sleep is something to consider in your weight loss journey

  • We aren't aimin for perfection, just small changes!

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