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Ep. 28: How eating out can derail you

Travelling for the holidays? Seeing friends at restaurants for the first time in over a year and a half?

I'm going through all the ways this can derail your weight loss plans and what you can do to better manage this busy time of year!

Episode Highlights

  • [1:17] Travelling and eating out can be a major way people get off track from their goals

  • [1:36] Who doesn't love eating in a restaurant?

  • [2:40] All the time treats - you believe every eating out event should be special

  • [4:08] Eating off other people's plates

  • [4:53] Not being in control (of your food choices)

  • [6:00] Whatever happens on vacation stays on vacation

  • [6:53] You are too hard on yourself

  • [8:13] Tip of the episode --> make a plan!

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