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Ep. 29: Staying in control over the holidays

Ah, the holidays, what a wonderful time of the year! Or stressful, or busy, or full of over-indulgence!

Instead of fulfilling your long-standing tradition of letting loose over the holidays, think about how staying in control might make you feel.... Would it feel good? Would you come out the other side of the holiday season happy rather than dejected? Start January with another step towards your larger goal rather than beating yourself up all month?

I'm delving into the challenges you may face over the holiday season and how you can escape them and manage the holidays confidently!

Episode Highlights

  • [2:00] Do you really feel happy when you over indulge over the holidays?

  • [2:52] YOLO! Have you thought this before doing something that you wouldn't typically?

  • [4:39] The treats are literally everywhere, especially at work.

  • [5:38] Do you feel the need to fit in? Peer pressure can really change your eating behaviour.

  • [6:26] I'm a perfectionist, so I really relate to this trap. Trying to make everything perfect might leave no time for you.

  • [7:15] The BIG day. Likely the biggest trap for everyone!

  • [8:03] Are the holidays ever even over? Sometimes the events are non-stop.

  • [9:08] TIP OF THE EPISODE - create your own escape plan.

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