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Ep. 41: Are you making these weight loss mistakes? Part 2

Not to be negative, but there's a lot of things you could be doing wrong in your attempts to lose weight...and it's not your fault. The amount of misinformation out there in regards to nutrition and weight loss is crazy! That's why Laura felt like she had to cover more mistakes in today's part 2 episode. She wants to make sure you stop making any mistakes so you can be successful! Listen now to learn 8 more common mistakes and how you can fix them.

Episode Highlights

  • 8 Common weight loss mistakes:

    • Not having a solid plan

    • Aiming too high

    • Replacing meals with liquids

    • Focusing on what you "shouldn't" be eating

    • Taking weekends off

    • Eating too fast

    • Not drinking enough water

    • Putting too much stock in supplements

  • TIP of the episode - which mistake are you making?

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