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Episode 26: Stop feeling stuck

Getting STUCK. It sucks. Losing weight seems like it should be a straight line, but it’s not.

I've worked with so many clients who have felt stuck at some point. This week I hope to help you learn how you can get unstuck and say "Oh Well" to disappointment.

This episode is short and simple, just like the tip I've got for you at the end!

Episode Highlights

  • [01:20] Losing weight isn't a straight line, there are ups and downs.

  • [2:07] At some point in your weight loss journey you are for sure going to feel STUCK.

  • [2:57] It takes time to change your habits and mindset. Facing doubt and disappoint are completely normal.

  • [3:23] Literally getting stuck on a weight loss plateau is completely normal.

  • [4:19] Mindset matters, it took years to develop your current mindset!

  • [4:40] Saying "Oh well" to disappointment.

  • [5:40] Tip of the episode -- it's about shifting your mindset and trying.

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