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Ep. 07: Surviving Summer - Simple Summer Tips

Does the constant barage of hot girl summer on social media give you heart palpitations? Do you start trying to do the mental math to figure out how you are going to get through these hotter weather weeks AND stick to your goals?

Well you can stop sweating (figuratively), because this episode I'm doling out my top simple summer tips to help you survive these sunny summer weeks! These tips are all about keeping you on track and feeling good. I cover everything from staying hydrated to road trips.

The tip this week is all about starting off on the right foot - it can totally change the trajectory of your whole day! (Hint: it's about my favourite meal of the day, breakfast).

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Episode Highlights

  • [1:01] Tip #1 - Hydration, this is especially important in summer! Don't get dehydrated, your brain can trick you into thinking you are hungry instead of thirsty.

  • [2:52] Tip #2 - Load up on fresh fruits and vegetables. Aim for 50% of your plate.

  • [4:29] Tip #3 - BBQ Season! Simple swaps to keep bbq'ing in line with your goals.

  • [5:35] Tip #4 - Alcohol. If you enjoy alcohol, then I'm not going to say not to drink, because that's probably not realistic. Alcohol does add calories, so choose lower calorie options.

  • [7:04] Tip #5 - Kick up your steps. Extra daylight hours! Take advantage and get out of your house and go for a walk.

  • [7:45] Tip #6 - Snacks. #snacklife. Pack them everywhere you go. Granola/protein bars *grab the cheatsheet for making a healthy choice below!*

  • [9:00] Tip #7 - Road trips. Like above, pack snacks! Choose non-perishable options, this can help avoid hangry car situations. What should you eat at a fast food stop?

  • [11:35] Tip of the Episode! You need to start your day off by eating breakfast, it's going to help set you up to make great, balanced decisions as the day progresses.

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