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Ep. 16: "How-to" Grocery Shop

Is grocery shopping another thing on your to-do list that you are dreading? Have you felt overwhelmed by the seemingly endless choice of products at the grocery store? Grocery shopping is another task in the hamster wheel of life, you're always going to need food so you are always going to have to buy groceries. Sigh, adulting.

I want to create an ongoing series of "How-to" episodes and this week's episode is my test episode - so I'm taking you on a virtual, audio tour of How-to grocery shop!

I start you off before you've even stepped foot in the store and then I take you all the way through the store and out the door :)

Plus, I'm doing a live training in my free Facebook Group - Moms Supporting Moms with Weight Loss - all about label reading, which is a key component of your grocery store visit. Grab the link below to join the group and watch the training happening Friday September 17th at 12:15 pm EST.

Episode Highlights

  • Making a meal plan - keep it BASIC

  • Make a grocery list, don't forget it at home ;)

  • Start off by shopping the perimeter of the store

  • Then do the aisles -- hot tip, no meandering and head to the store on a full stomach

  • Quick label reading tips (see live training for in-depth learning!)

  • Tip of the episode!

Links mentioned in this episode:

Join my free Facebook group: Moms Supporting Moms with Weight Loss

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