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Ep. 10: Simplifying Mealtime

Mealtime can be so stress inducing. It can be a lot, tacked onto a busy day with work, kiddos and whatever else you’ve got going on; it’s no wonder your brain hurts trying to figure out how to make a balanced meal for the family and something that is in line with your goals! Are you feeling flustered just thinking about it?

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be complicated. I love to say that simple is easy and easy works.

Take a listen to this episode if you need more simple in your day. I mean, who doesn't? I'm sharing everything from choosing what to have to stocking your kitchen.

Plus, my tip this week is a theme party, so grab your favourite costume and get ready to plan!

Episode Highlights

  • [2:07] The first thing you want to do to simplify your meals is to start off with the "structure" of the meal. I talk about this in MUCH more detail in episode 06, grab the link to listen to that episode below.

    • Protein, vegetables, whole grain carbohydrate

  • [4:35] Create a theme for every week day. It helps simplify decision making! Taco Tuesday anyone? More on this in the tip at the end of the episode

  • [5:25] Boring eating - it is what it sounds like. Eating the same thing every day for at least one meal. Take the guess work out of your day.

  • [7:39] Making sure you have staples on hand is key for helping you simplify your meals. Keeping your kitchen/pantry stocked can go a long way in simplifying dinner prep.

  • [10:06] F*ck it meals. You know those just can't. That's where these meals come in handy!

  • [11:59] Batch cooking - it's like the in between no prep and meal prepping. Got chicken? Cook extra. Roasting vegetables? Double them.

  • [13:40] Tip of the episode! Pick themes for your weekday meals.

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