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Ep. 20: Recognize Thinking Mistakes

Your thoughts and mindset matter. It’s important to remember that thoughts are just ideas, not necessarily truths. Thoughts and feelings affect our actions, and of course our actions affect our habits!

We’re all human and we can all make “thinking mistakes”. What are thinking mistakes and why do they matter? I'm talking all about the nine most common thinking errors and how maybe you can change your thoughts around them.

Episode Highlights

  • [1:15] The inspo for the episode! A book and podcast episode.

  • [4:07] Thoughts are just ideas, not truths.

  • [7:17] The nine most common thinking errors:

    • All or nothing thinking

    • Negative fortune telling

    • Positive fortune telling

    • Emotional reasoning

    • Mind reading

    • Self-deluding thinking

    • Unhelpful rules

    • Justification

    • Exaggerated thinking

  • [15:12] Did any of these resonate with you? Every one at some point distorts thoughts in their minds.

  • [16:14] Tip of the episode! It's an important question you need to ask yourself when you might be having one of these "thinking mistakes".

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