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Episode 23: Simple Meal Swaps

Time is the NUMBER ONE reasons I hear moms say they are struggling to lose weight.

Unfortunately I don't actually posess a magic wand to make you less busy! Instead, I'm here showing up for you to support you in making the best choices for your hectic life AND achieving your goals.

Introducing - swaps. Simple meal swaps are one small step, one small change that create new habits. Take a listen to this week's episode to see what I mean! It's short, sweet & simple (just like my meal swap ideas).

Episode Highlights

  • I get it, I'm a mom and live the same chaotic life as you

  • Diet Industry pushes unrealistic expectations on you

  • You don't have to do it that way

  • Before getting into the swaps - basic meal structure!

  • TIP: SIMPLE SWAPS (see below!)

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