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Ep. 13: Weight Loss Myths - Part One

Oh goodness are there some serious myths about weight loss! They are everywhere, and they are persistent.

Do this or do that advice comes from all angles, it can be seriously overwhelming.

One of my biggest goals and passions is to help end the overwhelm, and separate fact from fiction. This episode is the first in a three part series in which I'm going is going to be kicking butts and taking j/k. I'm going to bust myths and kick all that misinformation to the curb!

This week’s tip is for you to become savvy, so stick around until the end.

Episode Highlights

  • [2:03] All calories are equal (or CICO). Basically already debunked this in episode 05, see the link below to that episode!

  • [5:01] You must be hungry in order to lose weight. Um, no thank you! Check out the link below to episode 06 so that you are not a hangry mama!

  • [6:22] Juice cleanses are a good way to kickstart weight loss fast. WHY WON'T THESE GO AWAY?!

  • [8:29] Carbs are bad. They are deemed the diet devil. The belief that they lead to weight gain is taken very much out of context.

  • [9:56] Weight loss always means fat loss. Quick loss (or even gain...) can be water weight, and quick loss can also be muscle!

  • [11:15] Tip of the episode -- be savvy!

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