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Ep.05: Calories - Should you count them?

This topic is basically on fire it is such a hotly debated concept!

Calories in, calories out. Calorie counting. Should you? Should you not?

My goal for this episode is to break down all the information for you, so it’s simplified – I like simple (as you know). I’ll have a riveting debate about whether you should count calories. Once you’ve heard the pros and cons from both sides I hope it gives you the clarity you need to make the best decision for YOU.

Stick around until the end, I’m going to walk you through six basic steps that you need to do in order to get a food journal set up. (even if you aren’t team calorie counting, a food journal can be SO helpful!) I’ve even put together a detailed step-by-step guide that you can download and use to get you going. Grab it below!

Want to read instead of listen? *Click here for a full transcript of the episode.

Episode Highlights

  • [1:54] What is a calorie anyway? It is a unit of energy.

  • [2:10] Total Energy Expenditure (TEE) – made up of three things: calories burned through exercise, calories burned through digestion (TEEF) and calories burned through basic function

  • [3:40] Resting Metabolic Rate – RMR – calories needed for basic body functions

  • [4:45] Calories in vs. Calories out: food doesn’t matter, the number of calories consumed is what is considered to be key to losing weight

  • [7:10] Why you should NOT count calories. 1=1, calorie = calorie…? Quality should trump quantity. It doesn’t focus on long term healthy eating behaviour. You may be more likely to regain the weight you lost. Also, your body is not a math equation; we are not that simple. Etc…

  • [8:56] Why you SHOULD count calories. Provides a great education tool to help you learn more about yourself, your eating habits, portions etc… Helps you to become more mindful about your choices. Another reason is that it creates a great foundation for you as an individual and it’s a good tool for accountability! Etc…

  • [11:44] What team am I on? I definitely encourage clients to keep a food journal.

  • [13:34] Things to think about when starting a food journal.

    • What works for you? What motivates you?

    • Try it out!

    • One tool in your toolbox

    • Mindful eating

  • [15:47] Tip of the episode! How to start a food journal. There are 6 steps to get you started. Want all the steps in much more detail to walk you through it all? Grab the guide below.

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