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Ep. 08: Healthy eating & socializing - you can do both!

Ever decline a social invitation because you didn't think you could stick to your healthy eating habits AND attend the event and enjoy yourself? Are you nervous about any of your upcoming social calendar activities because you aren't sure what you will be able to eat?

If this sounds like you, I'm hoping by the end of this week's episode I'll have changed your outlook on all your summer social activities and have you RSVPing YES to invites!

Healthy eating and socializing don't have to be mutually exclusive! I'm sharing my top tips for how you can make healthy choices, stay on track, feel confident and be the true social butterfly that you know you are!

This week’s tip is key to managing your whole social calendar, so stick around until the end of the episode so that you can set up your social events for success; grab your calendar and pens now!

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Episode Highlights

  • [2:12] Never arrive hungry. Hangry you never makes a balanced decision!

  • [3:14] How to politely say "no" to people who try to push food on you that you don't want to eat! Have some canned responses ready.

  • [4:42] Avoid temptation - walk away, out of sight, out of mind.

  • [5:00] Bring a friend with you! Having extra support at an event can be really helpful.

  • [5:35] Bring your own food. Even though this may feel weird, it can help you know you've got something that fits with your goals. Or consider offering to make something healthy to bring.

  • [6:28] Swaps. I.e. Turkey burgers instead of beef; potato salad without mayo.

  • [7:02] Eating out in restaurants - check out the menu and choose what you want before you arrive. Ask them to make the food how YOU want it.

  • [9:14] Alcohol. Choose how many drinks you would like to have in advance. Planning ahead of time is much easier than making a choice in the heat of the moment (pun intended). Choose lower calorie drinks.

  • [10:07] Plan. Plan. Plan. Think about the event, plan in advance what you are going to do to enjoy the event and stick to your goals.

  • [11:04] Tip of the episode. Managing your social calendar - look at your events and choose which ones are most important (1-2) and ENJOY THEM. For all the others, see tips above. :)

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