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Ep. 32: Foundation for success

It's a new year! In the first episode of 2022 I'm re-releasing my most popular episode of 2021. It's perfect for the beginning of a new year because it's all about the foundation you need to be successful in your weight loss journey. Are you feeling hungry just thinking about eating less? We don’t like hunger and we especially don’t like to be hangry either. Diets often have you starving yourself to reach your goal, and if you are scarred from trying this out, you are not alone.

Eating less AND feeling full is possible! I'm going to talk about how you can do it in this week’s episode. Protein and Volumetrics is a concept I teaches to all my clients to help them achieve their weight loss (or health) goals. I’ll go through what the concept is and how you can apply it to your real life.